How much does it cost to install an alarm?

This is an impossible question to answer until we have carried out a site survey and ascertained what level of security is required by the customer. Please feel free to request a survey / quotation HERE


Do you service older alarm systems?

The simple answer is yes, and we have a number of alarm systems that are 30 years old at least which we service and maintain. However, the older the system, the more potential problems can occur, from a simple, easily fixed,  fault to one which could be considered a “catastrophic” failure and may would render the security system unusable, thus putting your premises at risk. We would inform customers of newer products on the market, especially if current regulations change. There are also a number of alarm panels and equipment which have not been manufactured for a number of years and parts are no longer available, most notably ASTEC alarm products, of which there are many still in use.


My Alarm Company is no longer in business?

No problem, just call us and we can arrange to come out and fully service the alarm system and make any changes which you may require.


What areas do you cover?

Generally speaking we cover an area roughly from Gorey in the south to South side of Dublin city and west to Glendalough. We do have customers further afield so contact us if you are outside of this area.


What type of alarms do you install?

The majority of the equipment we use is manufactured here in Ireland and we tend to use HKC products as the norm. www.hkc.ie. However we can and have used different equipment to suit certain requirements. We feel that a system comprising of full perimeter protection, backed up by at least one internal motion detector is a minimum requirement. There are cheaper systems available but these will more than likely not include protection for all of your windows, and may only consist of a couple of motion detectors. These systems are ineffective whilst you are in the house as you will need to have the motion detectors disabled. If you are considering fitting an alarm system then we believe that you should not be leaving weak points. A PROPER ALARM WILL PROTECT, A CHEAP ALARM WILL LEAVE YOU VULNERABLE.


Do you provide 24 hour emergency callouts?

Yes, but only to our own customers who have a valid service / maintenance contract in place.


How does my alarm affect my insurance cover?

Most Insurance companies will offer a discount if you have a properly installed and maintained alarm system installed. However you must use it. If you have a break in and the alarm was not in use, you may find that your insurance cover is null and void. If you have an alarm, use it.


How is my alarm monitored?

There are a lot of alarms that are not monitored. However we will always recommend that if fitting a new alarm that you give serious consideration to having it monitored in some way. The options are many and it is best to seek advice but here is a quick break down:
tick Connection to house landline and calling keyholders,
tick Connection to GSM and texting keyholders.
tick Connection to landline and contacting our central station
tick Connection to GSM and contacting our central station
tick Connection to secure radio link and contacting our central station.


Why should I consider monitoring?

Very simply, alarms that are not monitored no longer attract attention by just sounding the sirens. If you have it connected to a phone line, GSM or Radio link then it will contact our central station so that keyholders and the Gardai, Medical services or Fire Brigade are contacted. If you are self monitoring your alarm, there is a high chance that the emergency services will not attend as they will give priority to calls being received from a central station. Also if you are self monitoring your alarm and have a break in during the night, what use is your alarm if it is calling a phone sitting on your own bedside locker? For greater peace of mind we would strongly urge you to get a properly monitored alarm system, for costs involved please contact us here.

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24 Hours Monitoring

Everybody knows the sound of an alarm siren, but how many of us actually go and investigate what has caused the alarm to activate?



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